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首頁 合唱團簡介 藝術總監 課程簡介 活動與演出 上課時間及地點


合唱團簡介 (About the Choir)





Hong Kong Choir of Outstanding Children

Headed by Maestro Henry Shek as its artistic director, the Hong Kong Choir of Outstanding Children aims at providing professional and quality music education to children in a very diversified form.  Young children who have potential in music and the performing arts are selected through open auditions to become members.  The choir not only offers training in choral singing but also in music theory, ears training, instrument playing as well as drama and theatrical dancing.  The teaching staff is well qualified in their mission to train up an outstanding children’s choir and children’s orchestra locally.  The majority of them possess a diploma in music, while some have knowledge in child psychology. Mr. Shek believes that music education plays an important part in the upbringing of children nowadays, as the contemporary “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” considers music as an important intelligence among the seven intelligences.  Not only does music nurture the cultural life of children but it also helps to motivate children’s interests in other fields.  Apart from classroom learning, members also have the opportunity to perform in choral workshops and annual concerts organized by the choir.  The choir is often invited as performing guest in important music festivals and arts events.  Performance in overseas tours is a regular event in summer.